ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review – Should I buy or NOT?

It is often said that technology has taken a toll on our health but what if we use this technology for staying in the best health? Yes, the latest technology products keep a check on our body parameters so that we don’t need to visit a doctor’s place again and again. You can choose from any of the fitness devices but owning a fitness tracker is a must in your run for health.

Searching for an ideal fitness tracker for you can be a painful task. The fitness trackers are the perfect companion in your healthy journey. You keep track of your health while an ideal fitness tracker keeps a check on your performance. Fitness trackers are popular devices that work well and are trendy and stylish as well. The features of the fitness trackers do not only help you to keep fit but are key pointers in reflecting the signs of the start of disease in your body.

The markets are flooded with a large number of products that claim to be top rankers in the fitness tracker industry. The ideal fitness trackers should be technically sound to give accurate readings of your body vitals. The main features of fitness trackers include a pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, blood pressure monitor, calorie counter, etc.

The credit is given to the smart sensors that give accurate readings to you. The latest fitness trackers work in collaboration with your smartphone and can store the data in the memory of your smartphone for a better understanding of your health.

What is Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a wristband that can be tied easily and uses specialized sensors for keeping a check on your body vitals. It keeps in touch with your skin and the use of high-end technology gives accurate readings about your heart, blood, and other body vitals.

It is also known as the activity tracker or a wearable computer. With the help of your smartphone, the fitness trackers can also keep a record of your body vitals and can help you to operate the basic mobile operations in a hands-free mode as well. These were discovered in the early 1990s and have evolved a lot since then. Today we bring the best fitness tracker for you named ActiV8 Fitness Tracker. Let us try to understand the device first.

What is the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is easy to wear a fitness tracker that is made to be used throughout the day. Whether you want to monitor your sleep pattern, keep a check on your daily exercise activity, or monitor your fitness activities, ActiV8 Fitness Tracker never lets you down. You will be amazed to know that you can monitor more than 40 health parameters using a single ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Starting from the features to the high-end technology, ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is the best fitness tracker for your use. It works well with all of the latest versions of smartphones. It has a long-lasting battery life and can be charged easily using the USB charging cable. So what is it that makes ActiV8 Fitness Tracker so special? Let us have a look at its technical specifications:

Technical Specifications of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker:

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Discreet display of 9.6mm*19.2mm.
  • Audio prompts for enhanced actions.
  • MoveIQ to sense the periods of activity and inactivity.
  • A smart notification as it is compatible with the phone.
  • In-built silent alarm.

Features of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker:

The main features include:

  • It works as a sleep monitor that indicates periods of light sleep and dark sleep to give you a fair idea about your sleep quality. The in-built silent alarm helps you to wake up on time without disturbing your side partner.
  • It works well as a sedentary reminder that alarms you to sit up every time after long hours of sitting. These special features are missing in most of the latest fitness trackers. Along with this feature, it works well in maintaining your heart rate zone with a max heart rate, as a pedometer to count your steps, etc.
  • You can adjust the brightness of the screen of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker according to your comfort level. Thus it also helps you to use the battery in an optimum way.
  • You can control the features of your mobile like a camera, notifications from social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with the calls and messages notifications from your phone on ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

After having a check at the features of this miracle device, let us tell you the best way to use ActiV8 Fitness Tracker for you.

How to use ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

There is no detailed setup while you have to use ActiV8 Fitness Tracker. However, you can keep the following points in mind for your ready reference:

  • Charge the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker using the USB cable provided with it.
  • Tie it to your wrist.
  • Download the VeryFit Pro app on your smartphone and connect ActiV8 Fitness Tracker using Bluetooth.
  • Your ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is ready for use.

It is interesting and fascinating to know about the working of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

How does ActiV8 Fitness Tracker work?

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a waterproof and dust-proof fitness tracker. Thus, you can use it for harsh physical activities as well.  ActiV8 Fitness Tracker has the best quality sensors that work on a collaboration with your smartphone to store the data on your device using the company’s app.

Thus, it gets credit to master more than 40 different parameters. The high-end technology is credited to the perfect working of your ActiV8 Fitness Tracker. Let us have a look at the major advantages of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

Advantages of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker:

The major advantages are:

  • It can be used by anyone in your family as it has a unisex design. It has a stylish and sleek finish to match your dressing style.
  • It is a durable and powerful fitness tracker that can be used during any type of physical activity.
  • It precisely monitors all of the health parameters. It can check more than 40 different monitors.
  • It is easy to use and maintain and is not fussy like the recent technical devices that work on difficult technology.
  • It is a one-stop solution for all of your fitness needs. It saves your time and money and delivers the best results only.

Disadvantages of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker:

There are no major disadvantages of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker except for the following points:

  • ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is available online only.

Price of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker:

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is available at a 50% discount and you can own an ActiV8 fitness tracker for $88.93 only. There are no shipping charges or additional costs related to your purchase of the ActiV8 fitness tracker.

There is the availability of discounted bulk buying offers as mentioned below:

  • Three units of ActiV8 fitness tracker under the deal “2*ActiV8 fitness tracker + 1 Free” worth $533.58 in $176.86 only.
  • Five units of ActiV8 fitness tracker under the deal “3*ActiV8 fitness tracker +2 Free” worth $889.31 in $266.80 only.

Where to buy?

It is advised to buy your ActiV8 Fitness Tracker from its official website only. Along with the discounted offers provided by the company, you can rely on the quality of the product. The website uses high-end 256-bit SSL encryption to prevent any types of transaction frauds while buying ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

Customer Reviews:

One customer thanks ActiV8 Fitness Tracker for being easy to use a device that does not only helps her in staying fit but takes care of the basic hands-free operations of her smartphone.

The other customer terms ActiV8 Fitness Tracker as an ideal fitness partner that is high on performance and motivates him to do an extra bit every time.

The third customer says that she has gifted ActiV8 Fitness Tracker to her elderly parents to keep a check on their health and is working wonders for their family.

Based on the customer reviews and our use of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker, we award it a top score of 5-star ratings.


  • Does ActiV8 Fitness Tracker safe for the elderly?

Yes, ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is safe for all age groups.

  • What is the durability of the battery of the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

It is a lithium-ion powerful and long-lasting battery.

  • Can I use ActiV8 Fitness Tracker while sleeping?

Yes, you can use it while sleeping to keep a check on your sleep patterns.


ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a strong, robust, and versatile fitness tracker that can be used for many functions. It is a lightweight, easy to use, and highly affordable fitness product. It can be termed as a stylish fitness tracker that understands the basic and the specialized needs of the user. Grab an ActiV8 Fitness Tracker for you today!